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ABC’s GMA3 spotlights Hanger Clinic patient Billy Parker, workplace safety advocate


New York City, Sept. 14, 2023 – ABC’s GMA3 aired a segment with William “Billy” Parker, an advocate for workplace safety and bilateral upper limb amputee who has found a renewed sense of purpose after a tragic accident changed his life.

In 2007, Parker was on the job as a welder when his arms were pulled into a machine, causing the loss of both arms above the elbow. With the help of a dedicated team including One Call, the nation’s leading care coordinator of ancillary services for the workers’ compensation industry, and the Hanger Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky, Parker was able to move forward. Clinicians including Carlos Garcia and Aaron Royster fit Parker with two custom-designed prosthetic arms that re-enabled him to complete many day-to-day activities, from cooking to working with tools.

Parker is now passionate about helping others by sharing online videos demonstrating how he uses prosthetic devices, being active in amputee support groups, and participating in national Hanger Clinic patient events. Parker has also found a way to use his personal story for good by traveling the country, promoting the importance of workplace safety as part of his business, Lending a Hand, LLC.

Watch the full GMA3 segment here, and learn more about Parker’s incredible story at Hanger Clinic’s Propel blog.

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