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Two South Florida Hanger Clinic Patients Are the First in the World To Be Fit With New Microprocessor-Controlled Knee


AUSTIN, Texas—Sept. 8, 2021—Hanger Clinic today announced it is the first orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) patient care provider in the world to commercially fit the Freedom QUATTRO microprocessor knee (MPK) by PROTEOR. The first recipients of the Quattro MPK are Hanger Clinic patient Angel Vargas, a 46-year-old business owner from Fort Myers, Florida, who lost his left leg above the knee in an accident as a child; and Albert Rosario Guzman, a 28-year-old former Dominican Republic service member from Coconut Grove, Florida, who underwent an above-knee amputation in May following a motorcycle accident.

“Following the integration of Freedom Innovations into PROTEOR earlier in the year, it is tremendously exciting to be able to bring the Quattro to market,” said Matt Swiggum, CEO of PROTEOR USA. “It is the newest Microprocessor Swing & Stance Knee platform to be introduced to the O&P space in over five years that is designed by a U.S. manufacturer. With PROTEOR’s patented H.A.R.T. Control Technology, 20 available modes, remote data capture, outcome measure reporting, and independent resistances for stairs/ramps and sitting, it provides a unique customized experience that captures user’s distinctive gait patterns.”

Vargas, a husband and father of five who owns a lawn service business, has used a prosthesis for more than 40 years. While he has always led an active life, the Quattro will enable him to do things he hasn’t been able to with his current prosthesis, such as ride a bike using the knee’s cycling mode. The Quattro is also water-resistant, which is critical to Vargas as he is constantly working with irrigation systems or out in the rain. The extended battery time will also give him up to three days of charge, which is important during his busy season at work.

“As a long-time prosthetic user, I’m excited to be one of the first in the world to use this new, advanced technology,” Vargas said. “The Quattro offers key features that fit my lifestyle and can be customized to me, enabling me to perform better at work, enjoy more activities with family and friends, and adjust my knee’s settings to easily transition from one activity to another.”

“At Hanger Clinic, we strive to provide our patients with care that will best suit their lifestyle, and provide the best possible clinical outcomes,” said Peter DiPaolo, CPO, who has been Angel Vargas’ prosthetist for 15 years. “I’m excited that the Quattro can track valuable data about how Angel is using his knee, which we can assess together for opportunities to improve his personal outcome.”

Before his accident earlier this year, Albert Guzman led a highly active lifestyle. He looks forward to using the Quattro’s different activity modes to get back into sports again, ride his motorcycle, and return to work.

“This is my first prosthetic leg, and I’m so grateful for the ability to get to do what I love most again—being active, especially outdoors,” Guzman said. “I also appreciate being able to return to doing day-to-day things many people may take for granted, like climbing stairs, getting in and out of a car, and navigating uneven terrain with confidence.”

The Quattro is powered by a computerized system that senses movement in real time and continuously adjusts its tension and flexion in response, allowing the limb to move more naturally and easily for the patient.

“As a leading provider of orthotic and prosthetic care, we at Hanger Clinic are proud to fit new and innovative technologies that enable our patients to live their best lives,” said Brett Rosen, CPO, Clinic Manager in Hollywood, Florida and Guzman’s prosthetist. “Empowering people to achieve their goals and be as active as they want to be is the driving force behind everything we do.”

About Hanger Clinic: Hanger Clinic, a subsidiary of Hanger, Inc. (NYSE: HNGR), owns and operates approximately 800 patient care clinics nationwide, where comprehensive, outcomes-based orthotic and prosthetic care is delivered. Rooted in 160 years of clinical excellence and innovation, the certified clinicians of Hanger Clinic provide compassionate, expert care and customized solutions for all ages, designed to increase the mobility and function of each person we have the honor of serving. For more information on Hanger Clinic, visit

About PROTEOR USA: PROTEOR USA, a North American company established in 2011, is located in Tempe, Arizona. Keeping #HumanFirst as a mantra for over 100 years, PROTEOR USA is committed to developing the most comprehensive product portfolio in the Orthotic & Prosthetic industry. PROTEOR USA is not only home to the infamous RUSH Foot Collection, a first of its kind prosthetic foot constructed of a unique glass composite; PROTEOR USA is also proud to now offer a complete line of prosthetic and orthotic componentry including the Freedom Quattro™, Freedom Kinnex™ 2.0, and numerous other mechanical and microprocessor controlled (MPK) knee joints. With its guarantee of quality & strong brand identity, PROTEOR USA is focused on improving lives through innovation and a focus on the patient’s perspective. To learn more visit:


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